Sunday, September 6, 2015

Finally, a granola with a pinoy twist!

It was Christmas last year when my childhood friend, Bianca, introduced me to her granola. It was just a gift then, something that was still under "R&D", but I knew that the product is definitely something -- It had cacao nibs that give it a pinoy twist AND it had that perfect balance of flavors and textures! I got so hooked that early last year, I started ordering from her regularly, and even offered her free yoga classes to get some for free. LOL!

Fast forward to today -- The granola now has a label, its packaging has just been finalized, and she's now prepping for her booth in a Cacao Congress (details later!). Her granola has obviously gone a long way, and so I'm more than grateful when she agreed to feature her granola in this blog, before it goes out on the market. Introducing, Wit's Sweets & Savouries Granola:

Why Granola? Why not tablea? or chocolate bars? -- That was my question when Bianca told me about how the idea started with the cacao nibs harvested from their farm in Calinan, Davao. Well, like any other entrepreneur, her answer was simple: She wanted something different, something you can't easily find off the shelf. (At this point, she showed my how roasted cacao looks like, and how she hulls this to get those nibs mixed with the granola. I found this really interesting, because this is actually my first time to see an unprocessed form of the "chocolate" I know.)

So how is it different? I personally think that what makes her granola "different", is the fact that it is a western treat, yet it tastes pinoy. And what really makes it more pinoy is not only the bittersweet-toasty-nutty cacao taste in it, but also the fusion of other local ingredients, like dried mangoes, and chili!

That's perhaps why I keep on ordering granola from her! To be honest, if I want any granola -- I could just choose from the hundreds of recipes in pinterest, then bake it myself. But that will give me just a handful of store-bought (and mostly IMPORTED) options for the other ingredients, right? With Wit's Sweets & Savouries, I get to taste flavors of my own country, flavors that I won't easily find in the supermarket myself!

Granola is for EVERYTHING.
She then showed me ways to enjoy Wit's Sweets & Savouries granola. 1 -- If you have the sweet tooth, then use granola as a topping for your dessert - pie, cake, or ice cream. But if you want to be on the healthier side, go for yogurt, and make a parfait! 2 -- If you wish to enjoy the granola with your savory dish, then use it as substitute for your salad's croutons. Or simply top it over your white meat, like how you use garlic bits!

Me, I like to just toss a spoonful of granola straight to my mouth (HAHA!) and pair it with my favorite tea!

Bianca also shared, Wit's Sweets & Savouries is like her "baby", which she wanted to offer to her mom as a legacy or "apo" (grandchild) ...that's why it is named after her mom, tita Wit. She also showed me a photo of her mom's tattoo, on which the packaging's design was based! Now that's also a guarantee that each bite you get from this granola is made with so much love!

Wit's Sweets & Savouries Granola

Price: Php 150 per pack (125g)
Variants: Spiced & Classic

Where/How to buy:
Kakao Konek 2015 National Cacao Congress
Sep 11-12, 2015 (SMX Convention Center at SM Lanang, Davao City)

+63 917 517 1985 (Manila), +63 917 884 1962 (Davao)

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram