Monday, November 21, 2016

Thirty Three

With mom-instincts slowly creeping in, I just asked, "Lord, I just want a healthy baby in my tummy for my birthday!". And... my prayer was answered! Baby L looks good, for the first time I saw his well defined face on the monitor, just a day before my birthday! ♥ 

 I have a hunch, this boy's gonna have Brigino eyes and Cabrera nose! 

Oh, I got myself this boy a pair of cheapo chucks
so I can make my dream photo with our furbabies. HAHA!

I normally have a week-long birthday celebration but surprisingly, this year, I didn't even notice my birthday has passed! Just like that, I'm 33! Screw fancy travels and parties, I already got my early gift, which makes this birthday the best one to date! ♥ 

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