Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Anxiety

In last Friday's checkup, my doctor found a 2cm opening on my cervix (using this phrase more often instead of "2cm dilated" as I don't want to scare anyone, including myself). So I'm on strict bed rest now with additional medicines, Duvadilan and Nifedipine. It's been 6 days, I hope these are working wonders. I'm just clinging to what my body says at the moment (I'm honestly feeling good, in general) and to what the doctor said, "the cervix can still close, only if you cooperate." *sigh*

To brush off my anxieties -- which is honestly so hard being on bed rest unable to do the usual things -- I'm always trying to enumerate the pros of the situation (call it sour graping. LOL!): I am resting at supposedly the busiest time of the year, I have an excuse not to attend obligatory family events (where I usually just binge-eat) ...and I have all the time to hangout in Lazada... HAHA!

My fingers are crossed, always looking forward to another day without pregnancy hurdles. Every single day matters a lot to me at this point. It's nerve wracking, to be honest. But whenever I'm sane and calm, I congratulate myself for reaching this far -- 26 weeks and counting (yay!) ...Hang in there, little one! We will go for 40! ♥

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