Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello December | Konmari

It's almost mid-December, so the title is already somewhat invalid... LOL. I can't believe time flew that quickly -- the year will end soon, I'm almost 6 months pregnant, and so many things in my backlog list are still not ticked off! On a positive note, (I'd like to think that) Lou and I have accomplished PARTIALLY ACCOMPLISHED one important thing when it comes to prepping.

We've been decluttering our home using Konmari Method. We're not 100% done yet but so far so good -- we've disposed about half our closet's contents, freed up two bed drawers, and emptied a lot of storage boxes. We also gave our fishes (including their tank) and our balcony plants to my childhood friend, freeing up a huge steel shelf for all the emptied boxes that will soon be used for baby stuff!

A lot of people have asked what have bought for the baby so far, to which I reply, "NONE YET.", like I love cramming... (well, sometimes, yes. haha!) but now I think about it, it's because -- for me -- shopping for new things isn't all fun... it can really take so much time and energy if your space is not prepared for it, and that's what we really are prepping for. Once our home is konmari-ed enough, we can happily buy baby stuff in one weekend, and stash everything neatly in one go, right?! :)


In case you haven't heard of Konmari yet -- it's a way of tidying up, made by Marie Kondo. Go watch the following videos (there are many resources, including her book, but Lou and I opted to go for videos for now. These inspired us enough!):

Marie Kondo #1 in New York Gina's house Tidy Up with KonMari
Marie Kondo #2 in New York Emily Newhouse Tidy Up with KonMari

I'll be posting photos of our home once we're done and when everything's photo worthy!:P

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