Tuesday, January 17, 2017

30 Weeks | Happy New Year!

It's been half a month since the new year came, and almost a month since I last posted. Time flew so fast, that I wasn't even able to write a year-ender post. 2016 has been a roller coaster ride, truly blog-worthy, BUT I don't know how to start! I'll try on Chinese New Year, maybe? Or how about let's just all move on and continue with my pregnancy updates? HAHA!

Just before new year's eve, we had another visit to our doctor where I found out that the "2cm dilation" I mentioned last time was actually "2cm cervix length" (it was a miscommunication, I guess). A short cervix is also not good, but the good news is, it can lengthen again (whereas, if a cervix is dilated, I believe it cannot un-dilate again? Correct me if I'm wrong!). Anyways, mine has gone from 2cm to 2.7cm then now to 1.8cm again (oops!). I'm being optimistic because I've gone a month more with bed rest ...that means it can also work for 10 more weeks right? And for me, as long as the doctor doesn't admit me in the hospital for preterm labor, I'm still doing fine (I guess)!

I now pee more often. The baby's size is now squeezing my bladder, PLUS I'm now making a conscious effort to drink at least 3L of water daily ...thus I pee a bazillion times that I want to sleep near our bathroom! LOL. At night alone, I pee 3-4 times before I shut my eyes, and 2-3 times more in the middle of my sleep! I feel this is my body's way to prepare for motherhood, so -- really -- I'm amused more than annoyed. How my body (and body clock) changes during pregnancy is truly amazing! So this is why when friends dreadfully tell me that I won't be sleeping anymore once the baby is here -- or when they tell me to "stock up a lot of sleep" coz I won't be having a long one again -- I want to roll my eyes and just say, "guys, I KNOW!" and in fact, I'm looking forward to sleepless nights with my baby! :)

I now have a linea nigra. Or that dark skin line that runs from my belly button to the pubic area. What amazes me is that I have another one above -- from my belly button up to the middle of my chest! Some may be annoyed with such skin imperfection, but not me. This is one of the veeeeeery few pregnancy symptoms I have so I'm embracing it!

We now visit the doctor WEEKLY! Aside from the usual ultrasound + heart rate check, Biophysical Profile Test (BPP) and Non Stress Test (NST) need to be done weekly (*aray gastos* haha!). Every trip to the hospital at this point is really nerve wracking... But so far, so good. Whenever we finish one, we celebrate in small ways -- we dine out in a nearby restau, or we reward ourselves with comfort foods (such as Purple Oven cake, S&R fresh cherries or Starbucks coffee!)

I admit, there are still days when I get so worried as hell -- "what if something goes wrong in these tests?", "what if I go on a preterm labor NOW", "will he survive?", "will I survive?", "what if [insert any morbid thought here!]". When these thoughts enter, I take a long warm shower with deep breaths in between, ask Lou to prep our bedroom's aircon and atomizer, then I snuggle in my fave comforter in peace (If sleeping is difficult, I shop for something baby-related online. LOL!). I guess I've finally hit the dragging stage of pregnancy, but I'd like to think it's also a good thing because it just means that we're really REALLY near finish line!


"everything's going be ok, mom!" =)

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