Thursday, February 16, 2017

​​​​34 Weeks | Happy Valentine's Day!

​Oh.My.Lord! I just browsed through my old posts ...and realized that with the pace I'm going in this blog, there'll probably be a baby on my next post! Ha-ha! *nervous laugh*

Honestly, I never thought we'd make it this far... I started "having" contractions on week 30, according to the NST machines (using double quotes there because I was not feeling anything at all!) ...and so I've had all sorts of medications to extend this pregnancy. 1st NST - I was given Terbutaline to relax my uterus and was sent home after about 5 hours. 2nd NST - same medication didn't work so I was confined for 3 days for a complete bed rest, with Duvadilan in IV AND 2 steroid shots to speed up my baby's lung development (in case I go on labor way too early!). Scary stuff, huh.

It was frustrating. I've always had that "feel/trust your body" principle, so it was really hard for me to accept that a machine can be better in telling what I feel, and that it can confine me in a hospital and cause a whopping 5-digit bill ...But a bigger part of me is still thankful... if machines are better, then I -- and my baby -- was just spared from preterm labor, right?

Anyway, I'm glad that it's all over and that I survived another 2 NSTs after that without hurdles! I have 3-4 more NSTs ahead... I know contractions can happen again, in fact we got a hospital bag ready every NST day (haha!), but at least, now, the light at the end of the tunnel is much clearer ...and I'm a lot more psyched at this point that such disappointments will just bring me nowhere!

As for BPPs, I'm glad everything's on track. The practice breathing is just a little hard to detect ...there was one time when we had to go back the next day for another BPP because he really won't do it. It was scary! But he did it eventually, after 5 minutes of poking and changing positions! By now we've mastered the trick to make him breathe - 2 full meals plus matcha latte before checkup! LOL, this baby is gonna be a matcha lover, too!

In other (positive) note, last BPP also says baby is on track and already weighs 5.2lbs (wow!). Cervix is still short but hasn't gone shorter than last time (yay!). I am still on bed rest, but since that last checkup went relatively well, Lou and I were able to date after a long time -- at Marciano's, one of the few restaus where Lou can just drop me off, no walking required!

Annnnd just last Sunday we were able to pull off a maternity photoshoot!!! I don't have the photos yet, so details will follow. I hope I get to blog that first before I pop. :)

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